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The Family Justice Knowledge Hub. Sounds modern dunnit?

It’s not really. It’s a newsletter in word format with a boxy design, which collates details of recent and current research bearing upon matters of family justice.

Boxy but useful. Like a volvo.

You can subscribe to it by emailing Not that you’d know because there isn’t any information about it on (a search for “knowledge hub” brings up various things, but no direct information about the hub or where to find it). Continue Reading…

Family Justice Modernisation Programme Update No. Nine and Three Quarters

This press release just in from Mr Justice Schrodinger, Family Justice Modernisator:

Family Justice Modernisation Programme Update No 9 3/4 

I am pleased to announce that, in furtherance of the prime objective of efficiency and pace, all care cases issued after 1 January 2013 will be cascaded through the new algorithmic family justice hyper-rationalisation drive, which we have designed and constructed notwithstanding our budget of nil resources, reducing staff and technically obsolete IT estate. The system depends upon a simple scoring system, which has been developed with input from magistrates, with their unique insights and experience, and who are best placed to identify the key characteristics of families on the ground.

All public law cases entering into the system will be scored according to the following criteria before being allocated to one of three tracks, each with its own traffic light (to assist the understanding of the self represented litigant) : GREEN – proceed directly to adoption, AMBER – conduct perfunctory assessment and proceed to adoption in no longer than 26 weeks, and RED – cases where, as a result of failures in legal representation and filibustering, more than 27 weeks are required in order to achieve outcomes. Red light cases will be diverted to the newly constituted Muggle Tribunal, and parents will be able to access comprehensive legal guidance through an automated advice guide available at public library or post office internet consoles.

The system is designed to be simple to apply and understand, avoiding the need for complicated regulations, statutory guidance or the exercise of discretion. Any case scoring 20 or more will be allocated to the amber track. Any case scoring 30 or more to green. Cases scoring below 20 (if any) will be allocated to the red track. Continue Reading…

Teenage Parents Project

The Hartcliffe and Withywood Teenage Parents Project provides practical, emotional and mentoring support to teenage parents and their children in the BS13 area (that’s Bristol for those not frum rownd yur). They provide open access sessions across the estate and deliver an in-house training programme all with creche provision. They aim to promote inclusion, participation, achievement, equal opportunities and self esteem.

teenage parents project

The organisation allows young parents and their children to access a service which is specifically set up for them. Most families stay within the organisation for a number of years raising their confidence and self esteem. Drop in sessions are provided from four venues in and around the estate maximising accessibility. All young families gain empowerment through having their voices heard allowing them to access other community services to benefit their individual needs.

The project has been able to raise parent’s ambitions leading to them gaining NVQ’s, attending universities and even opening their own business within the community. Children gain social, educational and development skills within our crèche supporting their continuous success through out school years. In 2010 the project helped more than 70 families gain a sense of belonging within the community and supported them to find their path for the future.

A number of parents have gained a NVQ Level 2 qualification at the project meaning the next stage of qualification for them is a Level 3 Diploma. The project and its members have been presented with the opportunity to undertake this qualification at the project where accessing the crèche for their children will be available. The project hopes to offer a progression route that will allow these families to break free from the benefits system and find financial independence; this in turns sets a good example of work ethics and education to their children, the community and the next generation.

I rarely use this blog to ask readers for money, but this brilliant project need funds. I know that it is a local project, but I also know that a reasonable number of the visitors to this blog are local or local-ish.
The testimonials on the project website give you a flavour of how significant their support can be for young parents – have a read.
And if you do feel able to help out, you can donate here.
Although the majority of members tend to be mothers the project offers a programme of activities that Dads/Fathers can access such as a Level 2 accredited course in Health and Fitness at Merchants Academy Gym and in partnership with City of Bristol College which takes place weekly on a Monday morning.

Also during the Summer we offer a Summer Programme, to Puxton Park, Avon Valley County Park where families – mums and dads and children – can share quality time together in a relaxed environment.

Through Consultation the project are hoping  to secure additional funding to allow this work to continue to develop further and ensure that Dads have allocated sessions if they require.

In light of comments on this blog post they are also planning to ensure that they have a web page dedicated to the work they carry out with Dads.